Schools in India soon will have meet a minimum benchmark

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The HRD Ministry, Government of India, has planned to launch a nationwide programme of evaluation for schools across country. Based on the proposal submitted by National University for Educational Planning & Training (NUEPA), all the schools in the country will now be evaluated on the basis of an agreed set of standards.

During the recent meeting of state education secretaries at New Delhi, the NUEPA’s proposal has been accepted by the HDR Ministry. The proposal aims to create standards and processes which all schools will strive to achieve.

Since the model is primarily based on self-evaluation, schools must provide evidence of continuous improvement in results.  An external evaluator will visit the schools to validate the self-evaluation and provide feedback for improvement.

NUPEA is hopeful that the new proposal will help in bringing qualitative change and thereby improve the quality of education. Further, the performance of schools will be guided by a common core and will be used as the reference or benchmark for both self and external evaluation of the school.

Soon a national technical group consisting of NUEPA experts and HRD officials will roll out the school standards. There will be state development group at the state level and a national framework of school standards and evaluation will be developed by national technical group.

School standards have been conceived after a national programme of school leadership found acceptance by states. A National Centre of School Leadership has been established by the HRD ministry to engage in capacity building programmes for school heads and pilot programmers have started in 10 states

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