Lore India Foundation Launches India’s Largest Scholarship Program for School Students

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Lore India Foundation Scholarship Trust has launched a scholarship program for school students from classes X, XI and XII from across India. The program considered to be the largest scholarship program in the country worth Rs. 5.5 Crores, will identify, assess, reward and mentor the brightest young minds in India.

More than 100 of the most brilliant students will be identified through a scientifically evolved Learning Aptitude Test (LAT), designed by Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) with the help of acclaimed education scientists.

Qualifying students will receive cash scholarships and also benefit from valuable mentoring and coaching provided by renowned academicians. Once selected, the Scholars will undergo a comprehensive interest schedule/psychometric analysis to gain insights that will allow experts to provide them effective guidance in their educational careers.

LAT is devised to test a child’s aptitude or innate brain power as opposed to their academic learning. The National Scholarship Program is guided by TCS and a stellar body of academic stalwarts that constitute Lore India Foundation’s Governing Council, including both current and retired professors from the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Indian School of Business (ISB), Medical Council of India and University Grants Commission (UGC), among others.

The Lore India Foundation Scholarship Trust believes that every student must have an opportunity to pursue her/his dream career and enrol in academic courses of her/his choice. The Undergraduate Scholarship endowments can be used by Scholars to pursue higher education in any discipline. It can be also used to prepare for coaching required for entrance exams to get admission to a program of the Scholar’s choice. The scholarship amount is set up as an interest generating trust fund available to the Scholar to draw upon for a period of seven years from the date of the award.

Administered in English and Hindi, the LAT will assess the candidate’s aptitude and not the extent of knowledge in subjects. The emphasis will be on analytical and logical reasoning, reading comprehension and puzzles. The key differentiator between “The Lore India Foundation Scholarship” and other scholarships is that the quality of education a student has received so far does not become an overriding factor in identifying the brightest candidate. LAT, in fact, is designed to provide a level playing field for students to compete irrespective of their socio-economic status, geography or educational background. The focus in on the child’s merit and merit alone.

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