Indian Job Market Anticipates Upward Growth

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The Indian job market is likely to witness an upward trend in 2014, especially after the first half, according to a survey done by the job portal With the general elections scheduled in Apr-May, 2014, India Inc. is hoping for a steady government at the centre and many large corporate are waiting to recalibrate their hiring plans post-elections, points out the survey . Approximately 64 per cent of the 800 recruiters surveyed, who were surveyed across the country indicate more positive growth in comparison to 2013. The survey also indicates that there will be a substantial drop in layoffs with only 2 per cent recruiters anticipating them in the first half of 2014, Interestingly, that the IT and Health sectors are likely to lead the job creation rally as a significant percentage of new jobs are expected to be created from these sectors . With 56 per cent recruiters expecting to hire freshers, it is going to be a more dynamic year for the freshers as the maximum number of jobs will be created for freshers and people with experience of 1 – 2 years,
Though still, the job market has not seen the buoyancy yet, the results of the survey provide a greater relief to the people as they have suffered due to the slowdown in the past few years. Indeed, it is a good sign of economic development with changing trend in the job market. Across sectors professionals have been waiting with watchful eyes to make a move, now there seems to be more scope to pursue their goals with an increased vigour.
Among all the sectors the scope in technology and health are likely to boom further in India. With an annual index of 20%, the IT industry is one of the robust sectors in the nation. Besides, the health sector also registered a steady growth of employment. With the spruce in economy the sector is likely to offer more openings with a good demand for occupational therapists, physical therapist and speech pathologists.
Further, today India has been sitting pretty with a steady increase of trade by the foreign companies and in fact created good employment opportunities, especially in the Metropolitan cities of India. With the encouraging results of the survey, the Indian job market is likely to witness an upward growth in the coming months.

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