IIT-B to offer fast-track BTech programmes

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IIT-Bombay has introduced a fast-track B Tech degree as an option to students across courses from the coming academic year. The new initiative helps the students to complete their BTech programme in just three-and-a-half years instead of four.  Students, who are keen on completing the course faster, can choose to take up additional credits. Also, the students who complete their coursework in three-and-a-half-year will be eligible to sit for the placements in December and start working immediately too once they are placed.

In the final semester, students are free to opt for internships, start work on their entrepreneurial venture or spend a semester abroad at any institute as an exchange student. They will be free to opt for anything. The finer details of the plan are yet to be worked out. The provision is applicable to students from the current batch itself, so they can start accumulating credits from the next academic year.  Once the students complete their course in three and a half years, they will be asked to leave the campus. Students will be given a provisional statement of marks, but the final degree certificate will be given to the students only during the institute’s convocation. The provision is currently applicable only for the BTech students and likely to be extended for all courses in future.

Students can start accumulating additional courses after the completion of the first year. They can choose to do any courses that they wish to. The system will enable the students to learn at their own pace, without any stress. However, there will be a limit on the campus stay. Though students can take more than six years to complete their BTech programme too, they will not be allowed to stay on the campus beyond that. Beyond six years, students will have to make alternative arrangements outside the campus. This will also help the institute’s administration, which is anyway facing a shortage of accommodation facilities for the ever-increasing strength.

As of now, none of the older IITs have started offering the fast-track BTech, except IIT-B.  IIT-Kharagpur is also moving towards it and plans to implement it from the 2017 batch.  IIT-Kharagpur, is probably the only institute to have moved to a partial flexible credit system and allowing students to take up micro-credits in their final semester.


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