Experience Bapu’s Experiments With Truth, Within 121 Days

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In an attempt to make people, especially the younger generation, understand the Gandhian values  and spread the principles of Mahatma,  Thakker Bapa Vidhyalaya, a Gandhian Trust and School has introduced a new course,  The 121-day course commences on his birth anniversary, October 2, and ends on January 30, his death anniversary,

Though the 100-plus days seems like a challenge, the Trust’s has laid down the plan for the course. The course will include participants reading six pages of Gandhiji’s My Experiments with Truth every day in schools, colleges, residential colonies, gram sabhas and even jails. A moderator will preside over the reading and explain the chapters.

At the end of the 121 days, Thaker Bapa Vidyalaya will conduct a quiz for those registered, based on the book. Though the Trust has designed the programme for 121 days, participants can choose their time frame such that they are well versed with the book by January 30.

As people have become more impatient and values are getting lost in today’s world, it becomes all the more important to make the people, especially the younger generation, understand the values  of what Gandhi stood for, and how truth should always prevail,

The programme was undertaken at the SRS Sarvodaya Girls Hostel run by the Trust, last year. This year, the Trust wishes to extend the programme to other organisations. Schools, colleges or any groups wishing to be part of the venture can register with the Gandhian Integrated Forum Trust at Ashok Nagar, or contact P Maruthi at 9176624283/ p_maruthi2002@yahoo.co.in.

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